Many people have been kind enough to send emails, thank you cards and write reviews on The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs. Below is some feedback which Caitríona received recently:

'... a superb and beautiful production ... sincerest congratulations ... your knowledge and historical research has immeasurably enriched our appreciation of Carolan and the Ireland in which he lived.'
Sheila Larchet Cuthbert

'A must-have for all Carolan enthusiasts.'
Áine Ní Dhubhghaill, Royal Irish Academy of Music

'I just got a copy of your book ... It is amazingly wonderful! I know how much work it must have been for you to get this done... I know that this book will be a huge hit with my customers. Thanks so much for such a fantastic book!  This is the book we've all been waiting for!'
Sylvia Woods
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'These new harp arrangements and song settings will encourage contemporary Irish harpers to explore afresh this still-beguiling music of three hundred years ago.’
Nicholas Carolan, Director, Irish Traditional Music Archive

'Re: your Carolan collection ... It's not often that you see a project that serves the music this well. Nothing could properly reward you for the enormous amount of time this must have taken. But I hope you know that this will be an historic and influential work that is likely to influence musicians for a very long time to come.  The CDs are invaluable - the music so beautifully played - with respect for the period in which the tunes and songs were composed. Thank you for your scholarship and for this gorgeous music!'
Hilari Farrington

Laoise Kelly

Absolutely outstanding work of scholarship and performance on the enclosed CDs
Steve Gilbert 

'I'm a guitar player from Spain and i have to say a BIG thank you for writing this amazing book. I've been waiting for it 18 years! and thank you for the huge effort of arranging and playing all the tunes. that's absolutely amazing.......i always wanted to find a good compilation of all of his tunes. i remember that when i started playing guitar, i always wanted to do a CD devoted to O'Carolan's music. now, this book has made me remember that idea and i will certainly do it in the next months.......thank you so much for the inspiration and for your hard and beautiful work'

'Your book and music and the 4 Cds are wonderful. I am french. Anybody in our country dream of such a thesaurus with our own folklore. I bought your book from Waltons. At such a price that it discourage any piracy. You and your editor give a wonderful answer to this sterile discussion. I hope that one day, editors will create a comparable book at an affordable price in our respective places (France, Wales, Scottland, England...) Congratulations.'

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