Irish harper, composer, researcher and scholar. 

Author of The Complete Carolan Songs & Airs.

IT graduate of Dublin City University; Dip VEC Irish Harp, College of Music (now TU Dublin Conservatoire).

CaitrĂ­ona's CD edition book The Complete Carolan Songs and Airs is acclaimed for its unique insight into (and celebration of) the music and song of the 17th/18th century harper Turlough Carolan.

This CD edition book includes 226 airs on 4 CDs played on a neo-Irish harp by Caitriona Rowsome.

'... a superb and beautiful production ... sincerest congratulations ... your knowledge and historical research has immeasurably enriched our appreciation of Carolan and the Ireland in which he lived.'
Sheila Larchet Cuthbert

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